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About the village Apostag
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Accommodation - Hungary

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George Roll
Hungary, Budapest 1239 Hunyadi u. 2.
Phone: +36 20 9429548
Fax: +36 (1) 2871101

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1 room—sleeps 4 persons (recommended for group leaders)
Bunk beds
Private bathroom with toilets

4 rooms—each sleeps 6 persons

Bunk beds
Private bathrooms with toilets in separate building (separate for men and women)

2 rooms—each sleeps 6 persons
First floor
Private bathrooms with toilets (separate for men and women)



Apartment house - Óbánya - I. apartment


 For 4 + 2 persons

Bedroom for 2 persons
Living room for 2 persons
+ 2 armchair beds
Kitchen with dining area
Bathroom with bath and toilet

Living room with tile stove







Apartment house - Óbánya - II. apartment

For 4 persons

1 bedroom for 2 persons (ground floor)
1 bedroom for 2 persons (first floor)

Kitchen with dining area and with fireplace
Bathroom with shower and toilet


Guesthouse - Apostag

In the main building
Big bedroom with twin beds
Kitchen—fully fitted
Bathroom with shower and toilet

In a separate building
2 double bedrooms—each for 2 persons